2014. 3. 12. 10:30

Excel Word ver1.0 launched .

Motivation to create apps like this.

One . Subway, bus, school secretary so you try to memorize the words out of view in the book was quite a few stress .

     -> One-touch vocabulary is possible to study the smartphone .

Two . Do not waste words , I should be able to memorize the words you need to review it .

     - > One Touch vocabulary words that you want to edit the Excel was created to help memorize .

Three . Because it has a heavy bag in one hand with one hand and holding a smartphone and wanted to study .

    -> One-touch vocabulary using the thumb and made ​​a one-touch technology .

Easy one-touch vocabulary touch any place in Edinburg can memorize words .


One . Memorization / not rote learning set

Two . General / audio learning set

Three . Sequential / random learning set

Four . Flashing learning

Five.   Learning touch

Now ... So now let's see about about how to use apps .

One . Download the app .


Two . To edit and save a word

    File Format : Excel 97 - 2003 Workbook (*. Xls) to save it.

Three . A USB connection to your app . And put it in a folder gives Files .

 Files folder is not? - Please run the app again . The Files folder will be created.

Four . When you run the app file is registered. Please click to add your vocabulary .

 Difficult to do ? Please try again slowly . And comments please. Right can help.

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